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Pomegranate International is a global process consultancy company enabling our clients to grow through innovation and renewal. We have been building our business since 1986.

We help our clients create their own solutions, which allow them to build the internal proficiency to manage change. This ultimately leads to a decreased dependency on external consultants when new challenges arise.

We are unique in our focus on providing knowledge transfer of our tools through process coaching in Strategic Excellence, Operational Excellence, and Excellence in Leadership.

Strategic excellence methodology is based on the premise is that a company will optimize its profitability if it aligns its strategy and organization with the future turbulence in the environment.

We work as process consultants, since we strongly believe that the majority of the information needed to be successful in the future is already available in the company.

We provide customized process consulting based on what is already available in the company. We are great believers to use what already works.

Our engagements can vary from one month to several years, depending on the scope of the project, the type of change effort and the size of the organization.

Although all our engagements are customized to fit the needs of the client, there are three broad areas as to how we engage with our clients:

  1. 1.Business Focus Workshop
    The main purpose of the workshop is to create alignment among the management team to help identify the most urgent strategic and operational issues.

  2. 2.Operational Performance Improvement
    Often when we engage with our clients, there is the need for a ‘quick fix’ process. This short engagement is to help our clients achieve a quick win before they would contemplate bigger changes. The client does this because they are dealing with an urgent issue that needs an immediate resolution.

  3. 3.Strategic Transformation
    The introduction of new rules, trends, threats and opportunities, or mergers and acquisitions create new visions challenging how our clients are currently doing business. This transformation helps our clients create the power to change to be successful in the future. This invariably entails review of strategic direction and repositioning in the marketplace.

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