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matchmaking, sourcing and consulting

  1. BulletPrescolite Corporation – US
    Identified and screened potential contract manufacturing sites for light fixtures

  2. BulletZanetti Corporation – US
    Conducted a market research study and identified potential product distributors for the tailored clothing manufacturer

  3. BulletCalifornia State University San Marcos – US
    Worked with the University to establish joint MBA programs in Korea

  4. Bullet San Diego Community College District – US
    Consulted on marketing strategy for China and conducted seminars to prepare a negotiation team to go to China

  5. BulletShen Li Forging – China
    Evaluated joint venture partners to machine components for diesel truck engines

  6. BulletTonghua Petrochemical Machinery Co – China
    Located a joint venture partner for technology transfer and cooperative production for work over rigs

  7. BulletVAM Pumps – Greece
    Identified working partners to manufacture both submersible and conventional pumps for mining and power generation

  8. BulletBCMT Co., Ltd – China
    Market research for the establishment of a vocational school in China

  9. BulletKookmin University – Korea
    Identified and negotiated agreement for graduate education programs

  10. BulletBella Crafts – China
    Identified distributors in the US and conducted research for new product design and development

  11. BulletAmen Clinics – US
    Developed a 3-year strategic plan and corporate restructuring

  12. BulletUS Naval Weapons Station, West Coast – US
    Develop technology transfer in Strategic Intervention Management area for the West Coast

  13. BulletWest Pak – US
    Developed a 5-year strategic plan and project applications


  1. BulletWang Fu Jin Department Store Chain – China

  2. BulletAgricultural Ministry of Korea – Korea

  3. BulletForum – Greece

  4. BulletZhouhai Municipal Government – China

  5. BulletPearl River Investment Group – China

  6. BulletInfotec – Mexico

  7. BulletIBM – Brazil

  8. BulletGuangzhou Development Bank – China

  9. BulletBeijing Finance Bureau – China