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While doing business in the global environment it became apparent that many companies need help in preparing to effectively operate internationally. To fill this gap we have developed extensive training programs and have authored books for both the new and seasoned international businessperson. The publications include books published in the Bulgaria, China, Korea and the US.

10 books published in China
3 books translated in Greece
Editors of a 5 book series published in China
10 books published in Korea

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  1. BulletManagement, Zen and I
    US         Amazon [BUY NOW] - BookSurge [BUY NOW] 2007
    Korea    ESPRO - 2008
    It takes the Socratic approach, asking questions and forcing for answers to help formulate current misconceptions on running one’s business in the global setting. It is directed to both individuals and organizations to trigger reshaping of ideas and ‘the way that we do business’.

  2. BulletThe H. Igor Ansoff Anthology
    US        Amazon [BUY NOW] - BookSurge [BUY NOW] 2006
    A tribute to H. Igor Ansoff’’s work, it includes monumental articles, reviews and material in the strategic management field.

  3. BulletThe Secrets of Strategic Management: The Ansoffian Approach
    US       Amazon [BUY NOW] - BookSurge [BUY NOW] 2005
    The focus is on strategy and the unique approach of analyzing and interpreting information from the external environment in order to develop the appropriate strategic approach.

  4. BulletOptimizing Profitability During the 21st Century
    Amazon [BUY NOW]
    US         USICB at Alliant Intl University, San Diego, 2000
    Korea    Ansoff Associates Korea, e-book, 2003
    US         XanEdu, 2003
    Basic strategic management concepts organizations can adopt while pro-acting on events stemming from the eternal environment.

  5. BulletCompetitiveness Through Strategic Success
    Amazon [BUY NOW]
    Greece    Paratiritis, Thessaloniki, 1993
    US           The Planning Forum, 1994
    Korea      Ansoff Associates Korea, e-book, 2003
    Analysis and introduction of ways to assess and determine an organization’s strategic response.

  6. BulletThe Challenges and Rewards of Exporting to the United States
    Bulgaria    CORPEX, Sofia, 1992
    China        Xinhua Publishing Co., Jinan, Shandong, 1992
    Greece      Paratiritis, Thessaloniki, 1993
    Issues and areas to watch for those interested in entering the US marketplace.

  7. BulletIntercultural Communication Skills
    China    Sun Yat-Sen University Press, Guangzhou, 2004
    It focuses on intercultural communication competence by providing methods and guidelines in honing one’s skills in the field of international business.

  8. BulletStrategies for Developing Companies in Evolving Countries
    Korea    Ansoff Associates Korea, e-book, 2003
    China    People’s University Press, Beijing, 2004
    It introduces strategic approaches and areas to watch out for those organizations in the verge of breaking through in to the global business environment.

  9. BulletBusiness - Government Relations in a Global Market Place
    Korea    Ansoff Associates Korea, e-book, 2003
    It focuses on corporate governance and appropriate ways for government involvement in fostering organization’s growth in the marketplace.

  10. BulletBusiness Protocol for Professional Success in North America
    Korea    Ansoff Associates Korea, e-book, 2003
    The concentration is on the appropriate business practices one has to adopt in doing business in the North America.

  11. BulletEnterprise Marketing
    Korea    Ansoff Associates Korea, e-book, 2003
    It introduces marketing techniques applicable in sustaining competitive advantage.

  12. BulletLexicon of Business Terms
    Korea    Ansoff Associates Korea, e-book, 2003
    Business terminology applied in business, its meaning, definition and interpretation along with concept interpretation and illustration.

  13. BulletEstablishing and Developing a Business in the United States
    China    People’s University Press, Beijing, 2002
    It includes what it takes to establish and run a business in the US.

  14. BulletStrategic Management and the Relationship Between Government and Companies
    China    People’s University Press, Beijing, 2001
    It addresses the government’s role and its impact in business. It also addresses ways that an organization can develop and foster successful relationships with the regulators.

  15. BulletThe U.S. Economy and the 21st Century’s Trends
    China    People’s University Press, Beijing, 2001
    It elaborates on broad strokes of events for the upcoming century as they impact businesses and their business environments.

  16. BulletA Guide to Select Colleges and Universities in the U.S. and Canada
    China    People’s University Press, Beijing, 1999
    A list of the largest Universities in the US, their advantages and basic selection criteria.

  17. BulletA Business Traveler's Guide to North America
    China    People’s University Press, Beijing, 1995
    A must-have for the novices arriving in the US for business.

  18. BulletNegotiating with Americans
    Greece  Paratiritis, Thessaloniki, 1995
    China    Lanzhou University Press, Gansu, 1996
    Korea    Soft Strategic Management, Seoul, 1999
    Korea    Ansoff Associates Korea, e-book, 2003
    Korea    Bandibuli, 2008
    Ways to successful negotiation techniques including preparation, communication and tactics.

  19. BulletMarketing - The American Approach to Business
    China    Beijing Industrial Economic Technology Institute, Beijing, 1994
    Main marketing ways applicable in the US for adoption of those interested in braking into the US market.

  20. BulletStrategy Format - Solutions for Ultimate Strategy
    Korea    Soft Strategic Management Research Institute, 2008
    It introduces tools and step-by-step solutions organizations can adopt in applying strategies under different scenarios.