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  1. BulletPrimary 2008: Locals Opine on Best Business Candidate
    San Fernando Valley Business Journal: 2/4/2008
    With just days to go before California’s primary, reporter Mark Madler surveyed Valley business leaders about which candidates they think would be best for business.   

  2. BulletChina is Hot Topic at Global Trade Summit
    San Fernando Valley Business Journal: 12/10/2007
    The Global Trade Summit focused on China.  

  3. BulletFirms Face New Global Agreements
    San Fernando Valley Business Journal: 11/7/2005
    Several new trade agreements are expected to come online that will affect domestic manufacturing companies.  

  4. BulletTravelers’ Choices Vary Among Efficiency, Comfort, Adventure
    Los Angeles Business Journal: 10/25/2004
    Old hands offer tips on visiting China.

  5. Bullet...But Smaller Firms Learn Costs Can Be Prohibitive
    San Fernando Valley Business Journal: 11/25/2002
    OK. So China’s the hot new spot for anyone serious about taking their company global.

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Featured articles

  1. BulletSan Fernando Business Journal
    November 25, 2002, p. 3

  2. BulletThe China Press
    November 16, 2002, B-1

  3. BulletShanghai Morning News
    January 17, 2002, Front Page

  4. BulletLos Angeles Times
    February 14, 2000, Bus. Section